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Michael gordon
Assistant chef
Milton Bryant
Elisa Brinegarer
Assistant chef

I've been hoping to try this place for a while and it did not disappoint. I live near Vietnamtown in San Jose (meaning I'm not hurting for authentic Vietnamese cuisine), so it's worth noting Bodega was fantastic and held up against my local options. Everything we ordered was absolutely delicious, and the noodles were phenomenal. The char level was also perfect, as was the house-made hot sauce. Looking forward to our next SF visit so we can come again.

Danielle Dalechek

Fresh herbs were wonderful. Would recommend to everyone who enjoys amazing food.

Jill Matuscak 

This place is great for family dinners or a place to have dinner with friends. The food here is truly wonderful, great, and full of favor! You can order anything and everything to share. So everyone can have a taste of everything. Clean, friendly staff, and great service!

Shelly Chele


138 Mason Street, San Francisco CA 94102